Thursday, November 12, 2009

He Cares For Me

Our God is far greater
Than words can make known
Exalted and holy, He reigns on His throne
In infinite splendour He rules over all
Yet He feeds the poor sparrows
And He knows when they fall

His power is great and will ever endure
His wisdom is peaceable, gentle and pure
But greater than all these glories I see
Is the glorious promise that He cares for me

He rides the wild heavens
He strides through the sea
The high mountains tremble
To hear His decrees
His voice with great thundering
Sounds from above
But to His own children
He whispers His love

The earth and the heavens
Are the works of His hands
And billions of angels
Obey His commands
He guides the great galaxies, spinning through space
Yet He gave us His Son as a gift of His grace