Thursday, June 27, 2013

O for that flame of living fire

O for that flame of living fire,
Which shone so bright in saints of old!
Which bade their souls to Heav’n aspire,
Calm in distress, in danger bold.

Where is that Spirit, Lord, which dwelt
In Abraham’s breast, and sealed him Thine?
Which made Paul’s heart with sorrow melt,
And glow with energy divine?

That Spirit which, from age to age,
Proclaimed Thy love, and taught Thy ways?
Brightened Isaiah’s vivid page,
And breathed into David’s hallowed lays?

Is not Thy grace as mighty now
As when Elijah felt its power;
When glory beamed from Moses’ brow,
Or Job endured the trying hour?

Remember, Lord, the ancient days;
Renew Thy work; thy grace restore;
Warm our cold hearts to prayer and praise,
And teach us how to love Thee more.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three Monkeys

Three monkeys once dining in a coconut tree

Were discussing some things they heard to be true.
What do you think? Now listen you two -
Here, Monkeys, is something that cannot be true,
That Humans descended from our pure race;
Why, it's simply shocking - a terrible disgrace!

Who ever heard of a Monkey deserting his wife?
Let a baby starve and ruin its life?
And have you ever known of a mother monk
To leave her darling with a stranger to bunk?
Their babies are handed from one to another
And scarce even to know the love of a mother!

And, I've never known a Monkey so selfish to be
As to build a big fence around his tree
So other Monkeys can't get a wee taste,
But would let all the coconuts there go to waste
Why' if I'd put a fence around this coconut tree,
Starvation would force you to steal from me.

And here is another thing a Monkey won't do -
Seek a bootlegger's shanty, and get in a stew;
Carouse and go on a whopper, disgracing his life
Then reel madly home and beat up his wife!
They call this all a pleasure and make a big fuss,
They descended from something but not from us!

- author, unknown